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"Relax and enjoy with your loved ones and leave the tough task of laundry to this top load semi-automatic washing machine. With a powerful motor and sturdy construction, this washing machine with 8.2kg rated water capacity has more to boast about. Don’t worry if your clothes are highly stained as it has soak function to soak your clothes in water and detergent for a designated amount of time. It also has buzzer function that indicates the starting and ending of the washing cycle. Designed for Indian households, the wash noise which is <62dB and spin noise which is <72dB and elegant look is a perfect treat for your ears and eyes respectively. Specifications Model name: IWMKW-82SABK Function type: Semi-automatic Top load Washing capacity: 8.2Kg Spin capacity: 6.5 kg Dimensions (mm): 807X476X997 Energy-efficient Motor Rust free body "
  • "Rated voltage and frequency - 230V - 50Hz
  • Water level(mm)/ water capacity(L) - Low water level: 163
  • Middle water level: 224
  • High water level: 285
  • Overflow water level: 326
  • Low water capacity: 27
  • Middle water capacity: 36
  • High water capacity: 45
  • Overflow water capacity: 52
  • Water Inlet pressure(MPa) - 0. 02MPa-0. 2MPa
  • Rated washing capacity(kg) - 8.2
  • Rated capacity of spin (kg) - 6.5
  • Wash noise(dB) - < 62 Spin noise (dB) - < 72
  • Dimensions(mm) - 807X476X997
  • Rated input power(W) - Wash : 380
  • Spin : 180 "
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Product Name IWMKW-82SABK
Weight 24.5000 kgs
Manufacturer Impex
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